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X-ray for back & neck orthopedic hospital Saudi Arabia KSA Riyadh and Qassim
One of the key features of the KKT Orthopedic Spine Center medical treatment is a precise and detailed assessment of the existing condition of your spine. This information provides your KKT doctor with valuable insight to assist in determining the precise and appropriate level of care. KKT Orthopedic Spine Center has collaborated with manufacturers of...
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Sleep is one of the most basic of human needs. During sleep your body repairs and regenerates itself. Good sleep refreshes, restores and rejuvenates your body and soul. It is not unusual for patients to claim that KKT helped them improve on their sleep. The spine does play a role in allowing for restful sleep....
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travel back pain
During the first 6 weeks of KKT active healing, long hours of traveling should be avoided. If you should be traveling first class or in your own private plane, lay down from time to time, as well as walk around periodically. If traveling in economy ensure that your head is maintained in a neutral position....
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افضل مستشفى و دكتور عظام الرياض القصيم في السعودية  - طبيب
Always ensure that your head and neck area in neutral position – comfortable and effortless. At the earliest signal of discomfort or strain – step out of the position and reprogram your entire work station to avoid such stresses and strains. When in doubt about any pain/discomfort which you might experience, be sure to schedule...
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Orthopedic hospital for bones in Riyadh & Qassim exercise for back pain saudi
Don’t let common aches and pains associated with gardening distract you from an otherwise enjoyable and beneficial experience. Gardening can be beneficial activity, helping to clear the mind and ease stiff joints. Many find gardening to be not only relaxing and personally fulfilling, but healing as well. Here are some helpful tips: Prepare your body...
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Yoga for back pain in Saudi Arabia Riyadh & qassim KKT orthopedic hospital clinic and centre
Our bodies are continuously requiring healing and regeneration. KKT Orthopedic Spine Center allows you to make that leap. Today, KKT applies the most innovative advances in medicine, artificial intelligence and diagnostics to track the most challenging of all pain and spinal conditions. Health science, biomedical research, and medical technology combine to diagnose and treat injury...
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healthy habits washing dishes - Orthopedic doctor & hospital for back and neck pain saudi arabia riyadh Qassim and jeddah
During the first 6 weeks of KKT active healing, or 36 hours after your KKT maintenance services, do not plan on spending long hours cooking large meals, washing dishes, sweeping floors, cleaning windows or vacuuming for more than 3 minutes at a time.Most domestic related pain injuries or discomfort are related to bending, twisting and...
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Drinking water health - Orthopedic doctor & hospital in Saudi Arabia for back and neck pain in riyadh Qassim and jeddah
Next to air, water is the most essential element to human life and plays a crucial role in keeping your body functioning properly. When you are hydrated, the cell in your body move faster and allow the sound frequencies from your KKT treatment to better travel through your body, aiding in the healing process. Here...
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healthy food for back pain Arabic - Orthopedic doctor & hospital in Saudi Arabia for back and neck pain in riyadh Qassim and jeddah
The KKT approach to nutrition requires that all cells in the body including the spinal cord, brain tissue ligaments, joints and muscles get the full and necessary nutritional element required to thrive. The first 6 weeks of KKT healing and 36 hours after KKT maintenance sessions require added attention to the features noted below. Good...
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The KKT Orthopedic Spine Center is a part of leading global network of medical centers specializing in the treatment of back, neck and joint pain using advanced sound waves technology without surgery or medication. Founded in 2003, KKT has 24 different centers across 10 countries and has successfully performed over a million sessions globally’