KKT Orthopedic Spine Center

travel back pain

During the first 6 weeks of KKT active healing, long hours of traveling should be avoided. If you should be traveling first class or in your own private plane, lay down from time to time, as well as walk around periodically. If traveling in economy ensure that your head is maintained in a neutral position.

Here are some helpful travel tips:

  •  Drink plenty of water
  •  Start your trip well rested
  •  Use pull-a-longs as opposed to shoulder supported bags. To reduce physical stress
  • Fit duty free items into you pull-a-long
  • Factor in the cost of a porter into your travel budget
  •  Although at times frustrating, airline restrictions for luggage weight limits are a good thing not only for the airline employees, but most importantly for you
  •  Sleep according to the time-zone you are intending for
  •  Its best to avoid alcohol and caffeine while traveling
  •  Carry nutritional food and energy bars with you
  •  Support your intestinal tract by taking ‘friendly bacteria’ – also called probiotics
  •  It is always good to prepare for traveling by having a healthy immune system and intestinal system before you ever leave home
  •  If in automobiles, take a break every 2 hours
  •  Try not to face backwards


Travel can be hard on our systems, especially across time-zone, or for longer than 3 hours in a vehicle. Be sure to inquire about the KKT Center location closest to you destination.

Remember: It is a good idea to plan ahead and include a visit to your KKT Center 2-3 days prior to your trip. It is also a very good idea to get into your KKT Center as soon as possible after returning back.