KKT Orthopedic Spine Center

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Always ensure that your head and neck area in neutral position – comfortable and effortless. At the earliest signal of discomfort or strain – step out of the position and reprogram your entire work station to avoid such stresses and strains.

When in doubt about any pain/discomfort which you might experience, be sure to schedule yourself into the KKT Center closest to you, in order to ensure that there is no chance of potential damage to your spine.

Lifting Objects:

  •  Use your legs rather than your back muscles – Keep your body aligned.
  •  Do not bend and twist in the same motion during lifting
  •  Keep objects close to your body

Carrying Objects:

Purse: When carrying a purse, try not to place the purse strap around your shoulder. Instead, hold the purse under your arm or place the strap across your chest and to the opposite shoulder

Shopping bags: Carry the bags close to your chest. Avoid carrying shopping bags for more than three minutes at a time

Briefcase: Invest in a briefcase with wheels, pull-a-longs are very useful


Try to avoid sitting beside an individual for discussions. Preferably sit across from them, so that you are not required to turn your head in order to look at them. It is important to avoid extended periods with your neck turned.

Sedentary positions where you are for example required to sit at a computer table have created new medical challenges. Ensure that your elbows, wrists, hips, knees and feet are all positioned appropriately.


Like with all other educational materials you have read here at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center, we would like that you make use of these recommendations by permanently incorporating them into your day-to-day lives. KKT has redefined spinal treatment, you need to redefine your day-to-day activities and postural environment.